Step 1

You know there's the vintage clothing of dreams just waiting for you, BUT!, you just don't have the time or energy to find it. Let me do it for you! 

Email me

Step 2

What should you include in your initial email?

A brief description of what you're looking for. Include pictures if it floats your boat!

Sizing information. Not to worry, if you're unsure, I can help.

What's your budget?

Is there a deadline for when you need the item?


Step 3

I will respond to your email within two business days. At this point I will follow up with any addition sizing information I need to find you the perfect fit to your dream piece.  You will also put down a $25 deposit (non-refundable) per piece of what I am searching for.  Once the piece is found the deposit will be subtracted from the price of the item.

Step 4

I will give you weekly updates on the progress of finding your item. Sometimes I have the piece in stock so the process is quick. For more obscure pieces, the process takes longer.

Once your dream piece is found I will send you detailed pictures and an invoice. When the item is paid for it's shipped USPS Priority mail (for FREE!).

It's that simple! 

More questions? Don't hesitate!